first of all, i want to say thank you to the lord above for giving us another day of life. i am grateful every day, even though sometimes i struggle to understand the way of things here in this world. now, let me share some thoughts that have been bothering me for a while.

the topic i care about is the young people today. they no longer have the values and the morals that we used to have back in liberia. i come to notice that they don't put much importance on the lord and church like we did before. in my days, sunday was a holy day, no one would skip church for anything. these days, sometimes i feel sad when i see these young people wasting away, doing whatever they want and forgetting the lord.

also, when i try to talk to them and share the word of the lord, it's like they don't even care. they look at their phones and don't even listen. it just makes me shake my head in disappointment. i tell them, the lord will not be happy with this, and they just laugh. how times have changed!

now let me talk a bit about the way these young ladies carry themselves. back in the day, women were modest and respected themselves. they wore clothes that covered their bodies and didn't flaunt themselves for men to lust after them. but now, these young girls dress in the tightest and shortest clothes they can find, leaving nothing to the imagination. they post pictures of themselves all over the internet, and i just find it disgraceful. i don't understand why they feel the need to do this. maybe it's the influence of all these celebrities, who seem to promote a lifestyle of sin and indulgence on their social media. i don't know. but all i can say is that back in liberia, when we had strong families and a strong sense of community, we didn't have this problem. young people knew their place and didn't engage in such behavior.

i pray every day that the lord will guide these young people back to the right path. they need to hear the word of the lord now more than ever. i will keep speaking to them, even if they don't always listen, because i believe that if even one soul can be saved, all my effort will be worth it.

i leave you with these words from the bible: "train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it" (proverbs 22:6). this is what we need to get back to doing in our communities, and i pray that the lord will help us to do so. amen.